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High Tower Advisors Image Film

A Point7West produced corporate video for High Tower Advisors investment group, designed to strengthen branding and marketing the company’s array of financial services.

The Need:

Raise awareness of High Tower Advisors new branch in the Coachella Valley, and introduce the team, vision statement, and services offered.

The Strategy:

Create a video using corporate video production and featuring the Coachella Valley branch team in a friendly, approachable light, with an emphasis on their personal commitment to service and professional level of expertise.

The Solution:

A corporate video featuring executive team testimonials, engaging the viewing with High Tower’s commitment to invest in quality of life for its clients through their business model. The video serves as an anchor to a 30-second companion video and several topic specific marketing videovignettes; collectively, the videos are implemented on the internet, broadcast television, and in one-one sales presentations.

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