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UC Irvine Medical Center – Jon Wilwhite – HERO of HEALING

This Point7West produced testimonial-style video strengthens the brand awareness of one of the nation’s best hospitals, and implores a vital call-to-action of support with the real life impact UC Irvine Medical Center has on its communities.

The Need:

Raise awareness and support for UC Irvine Medical Center’s treatment and care services.

The Strategy:

Real-people testimonials from all perspectives of medical care featuring the patients, patients’ families, medical professionals and caregivers who convey the heartfelt passion shared for care and recovery. Develop a brand awareness means to reach multiple viewers through person to person presentations and special events, as well as a strong web and cross-media presence.

The Solution:

An emotionally compelling fundraising video chronicling a patient’s journey to recovery, affirming the UC Irvine Medical Center cutting-edge technology and medicinal resources that contributed to the healing and recuperation process.

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