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Our team helps clients like you communicate the larger story: who you are and why it matters. High quality video delivers your company’s visual narrative with unrivaled impact. For large to mid-sized organizations across the country, our videos bring stories to life, with exacting standards, in a dynamic and original way.

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In 2001, we made a point on March 7th to move west


Full service on the industry’s leading edge


15 years producing results driven videos


Helping clients connect with a larger audience to achieve their goals

Meet The Founder

Steven Richardson

Steven Richardson is the founder of award-winning Point7West, a full-service video company based in Southern California. With a career of professional experience, he has a passion for innovative visual storytelling. The creative force behind hundreds of nationally recognized campaigns, brand videos and commercials, he works with a wide range of industries to transform the complexities of their business into engaging content. He has produced high impact visual concepts for major government agencies, five diamond resorts, hospitals and universities as well as cities and communities. Steven has developed Point7West into a respected industry leader in video development for a diversity of sectors around the globe. With many years of experience from production to post, his expertise covers every aspect of the business. Steven loves the process and in turn, believes his passion enables him to deliver something of invaluable quality. For him, it never gets old.

Behind The Scenes

Desiree Portolesi

As Point7West’s Executive Producer, Desiree Portolesi has worked diligently behind the scenes for more than nine years. Informed by advanced knowledge and experience in both video production and post production, she has helped make possible the award-winning work for which Point7West is known. Immensely detail-oriented, Desiree bridges creative with execution. From initial concept to completion, she collaborates closely with clients to ensure authenticity and success. A keen interest in numerous subjects paired with a love of learning about each client’s business make her an even more compelling asset to the Point7West team.

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